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For the seventh year, Studio Fotia has been successfully operating in the field of fire shows.

We promise a customized approach to each customer, delivering the most effective solution and creating a show that fulfills the client's needs and capabilities, thanks to our creative approach and extensive experience.

We've performed at a variety of festivals, New Year's Eve parties, and corporate events, complementing the romantic atmosphere of weddings with the flame of love, and birthday parties with a flaming year of celebration.


Our expertise

We follow the latest trends by actively participating in international events such as "Phoenix" (Germany), "EJC", "May fire fest" (Latvia), "Summer Jam" (Estonia), "Живые огни" (St. Petersburg), "Лёд и плaмя" (Yaroslavl), and others.

We often attend significant conventions for the development of the flow arts world, such as PoiCon, FanCon, and others.

The majority of the studio's artists improve themselves by taking dancing, acting, martial arts, acrobatics, juggling, and other classes. In other words, we go to great lengths to provide our viewers with a diverse, fascinating, and high-quality show.


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The largest flow arts festival that we have created in the Baltics


Not too long ago, we started to teach classes ourselves, offering the lessons that will teach you the most important skills for our field of activity.


Over time, we have supplemented our range with the Light show, as well as several theatrical programs. Some performances can be combined.

Let the beautiful moments glow brighter!


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